Dear Friend,

Take me to the potters house
I want to see the clay
Get moulded into beauty
That I didn’t see yesterday
I know it’s me
Lying on the wheel
And I desperately
Want to heal
But His hands cover
The mess so I can’t see
Otherwise it would
Petrify me
His hands know what to do
But sometimes I don’t understand
Why he doesn’t mend me faster
So that I can stand
It looks like
I’ll never be whole again
But looks are often
I’m watching the clay so intently
I don’t realise he’s kneeling
I can’t recognise myself anymore
Or what I used to be
All I know is
He’s right there in front of me
And He’s not letting go
We’re in this forever
And together we will grow.

Written by: Mercy Wikaira


Night Watch

I cry out Your Name

To the darkest night sky

Forgetting that I am a

Temple of the Most High


Why do I shout as though

You are so far away?

You hear every thought 

I say..

I’m so addicted to my feelings

I treat them more worthy 

Of my attention 

Even in this moment

I am not forgotten 

Get me alone with You

I need to listen


Every time you spoke today 

I didn’t 

I’m the smallest I’ve ever been

As I stand here talking with You

I can’t pretend like

it’s prettier than the Truth

There’s nowhere I can run 

I can’t hide in my usual place

There’s no respite from

Your gaze

I must be more alive

Than I have ever been

Stopped dead in my tracks

Woken up from this

never ending dream

And the night looks like

It will swallow me whole

Yet it will never claim 

My soul

Brave but broken travellers

must sometimes

face this road 

It is the doorway to Hope.

Written by: Mercy Wikaira


#spokenword #spokenwordpoetry

I used to think/ that I’d die without her/ but then she left/ and I went on living/ I used to think that, she was the only one/ who was holding me together/ many times/ I’d hold a conversation in my mind/ just in case I’d ever forget her/ I held on so tight/ that I couldn’t let go/ when anxiety was my anchor/ I clung to her as my life boat/ in the times when the sky was the greyest/ it was her smile that would light up a room/ whenever I’d want to sing/ she seemed to always have the perfect tune/ my mind had dreamed up perfection/ and put it in a person/ who could never live up to/ an unhealthy reflection/ I gripped her hand so tightly/ that she couldn’t hold mine/ love is a choice/ feelings can’t often define/ when the day is quiet/ I think of her/ am I still in her thoughts/ like she’s in mine/

Love is a heartbeat 

Sometimes letting go 

Isn’t what we want 

It’s what we need

I used to pray.. no, I used to demand/ that He would give her back to me/ but He will never force His Love/ so why do we/ I found Peace/ in giving her to Him/ because He loves her/ more than me/ I don’t know what the future holds/ or if I’ll ever see her again/ maybe there’s a special meeting place/ in heaven/ I hardly let my thoughts wander/ to her anymore/ so today must be a blue moon/ or I’m closing the door/ to a chapter in my life/ I left open for so long/ I’ve only just realised/ I can forgive without holding on/ sadness sometimes still/ comes to visit/ but now I know/ where to take it/ sadness simply says/ that Love has a cost/ but He paid the price/ on the cross/

Written by: Mercy Wikaira 

Truth vs lies

Truth Vs Lies

It’s so hard to see you/ through the perspective of truth/ when I walk I hear the constant clink/ of chains/ and the sun seems to hide/ from the rain/ there is Freedom in your Name/ tho even when I speak it/ I still feel the same/ and I’m desperate to regain/ something that I lost/ maybe it was through listening to the constant thoughts/ that tell me the same story/ of why you wouldn’t want me/ but in my heart I hear you quietly speak/ I know that even when I am weak/ you are strong/ and truth will always be speaking/ tho it may not shout/ It always has an antidote for doubt/ the reason we find it easier/ to listen to lies/ is because our feelings seem to match/ lies come disguised/ they know how to hide/ safely wrapped in your feelings/ lies cloud our vision/ but Truth will never be hidden/

Teach me to listen

And I will walk with you

I can’t ever go back 

To a life without you 

So many words are spoken/ every day they create/ Love or hate/ Joy or fear/ they push away/ or bring you near/ but before we ever let/ a word escape/ we have to ask/ what will it bring to another’s life/ because it may become a story/ that they eventually write/ A pathway engrained in their mind/ words they speak/ as though they had thought them up/ all on their own/ without realising it/ we’ve invited those very words into our home/ the biggest difference/ between Truth and lies is/ Truth loves the Light/ but Lies have to Hide/ their favourite place/ is in your mind/ who will we let dictate our life/ is it enough/ to just recognise the Truth/ or is there something we need to do/ I see it being a day to day choice/ sometimes even moment by moment/ and every minute/ we need Truth in it/ it’s a Warriors way/ not for the faint hearted/ so don’t ever give in/ Truth will always win/

Written by: Mercy Wikaira


Throwback -a poem I wrote in 2011.

Title: Forgive 

I remember today

I Judged a man for what he did

And I felt better about myself

By despising how he lived

I held a grudge against my brother

And wouldn’t forgive his sin

Thinking to myself 

“What a lot of trouble he’s going to be in”

But then a picture was opened

Before my eyes

I saw my Saviour on the Cross..

He looked at me with eyes so sad

Saying.. “Why do you condemn him lost”?

“When I forgave you of 

Every wrong thing that you have

Ever done”..

“What gives you the right 

To Judge my son”.

Written by: Mercy Wikaira


All I can do now/ is pour out my soul to you/ as a sacrifice/ I take no pleasure in my life/ in fact I despise it/ not the gift that life is/ but what I have ultimately/ made it/ it’s become all about me/ and not the way/ that you created/ I know that I’m still running/ but I don’t know how to stop/ these feelings tell me/ I’m eternally lost/ it’s like I’m carrying/ the biggest burden on my back/ I don’t know how to lay it at the cross/ and what if I can’t pay the cost/ I know that’s why you died/ but every new day is a gift/ and most of the time/ I just want to hide/ you say to come as a child/ but I never knew how to be one/ I’m used to being a Slave / it’s harder to be a son/ or a daughter/ when a Father is a painful thought/ well that seems to have been/ the lesson I’ve been taught/ how do I see you in love/ instead of fear/ my vision has been distorted/ I don’t know how to trust that you are here/

  • Time hasn’t faded
  • But people say it does 
  • Surrender is a way
  • Of Love

I don’t want my prayers/ to ever sound normal/ I don’t want another method/ I need to give my all/ you deserve my honesty/ at the very least/ I know you understand/ because you were acquainted with grief/ it must have been a steady companion/ as you knew it well/ you never fought against it/ in fact you took its hand/ because you knew that it would lead you/ to the promised land/ And who was worthy of your sufferings/ no, not a soul/ I, least of all/ in the very words of Paul/ I don’t want to give you only ashes/ their not worthy of a King/ but it’s all I have left/ so I surrender everything/ if pain is a gift/ then surrender is a diamond/ it was the Lamb who saved my soul/ and death could not defy Him/ You are the ONLY Way/ and the only door that leads to Grace/ it may feel like my whole world has been rearranged/ but You will never change/

Written by: Mercy Wikaira 


What if pain isn’t an enemy… What if it’s the way we understand it that makes all the difference? What if pain is a blessing in disguise? What if pain can actually open our eyes? Pain is many things, situations, memories and people. Pain is wrapped up in every single life, held tightly in our fists. Pain is a smile and a tear. Pain is a hug and a fear. Pain can grow us in a way Joy cannot. Pain is a sorrow that is not easily forgotten. At the first sight of Pain we desperately try to hide behind whatever we can to distract us from the feeling. We run and we keep on running. Not realising that once we stop we will have to face it. Courage is facing pain head on and not shrinking back. Goliath may be scary but he is not undefeatable. Feelings are giants that need to be faced otherwise the longer we leave them the bigger they grow. Pain is our friend. Pain will teach us what we are willing to learn. The greater your willingness the better the lesson will go. Childbirth may be one of the most painful things a woman can endure but through great pain can come great Joy. If only you let it run its course without trying to control it. We cannot prevent most of the situations that cause us Pain but we are always responsible for our response to Pain. Choose Love. Love suffers long and is STILL KIND.
Written by Mercy Wikaira